Introducing Tower Math for IPAD, IPHONE, Kindle Fire

  IOS Math Apps for KidsKindle Fire Math Apps  
Math App For Kids
In Tower Math, the numbers have been turned into monsters and it’s up to you to free them…    
IOS, IPAD, IPHONE, APPLE Kids Math App, Fun Kids Math Game  
 You can build three different types of magic towers to help break the spell: Lobber, Cannon and Lightning. Each tower has its own unique characteristics…
 Tower Math for IPAD, IPHONE, Kindle Fire  
 Once you’ve selected the type and level of tower you want to build, you are given a math problem to solve. When you choose the correct answer to the problem, your tower is built…
Math Games for IPAD, IPHONE, Kindle Fire  
If you’re unable to do the math problem in your head, there’s a built in ScribblePad that you can use to work it out by hand…
Children's Educational math apps, for parents too.
Tower math is a fast-paced educational app that makes practicing math fun!!

Night Whisper Lane - Mobile app for iPhone, Nook, Kindle Fire, Android Devices

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Night Whisper Lane - Mobile app for iPhone, Nook, Kindle Fire, Android Devices


This application is recommended for ages 12+.

Experience the game they're calling "Point, Click & Die" - Now even more terrifying!

'Night Whisper Lane has a great premise, a nicely spooky atmosphere, and some solid-if-too-basic gameplay. I am totally willing to point, click, and die some more.' - JTM Games

"Night Whisper Lane is worth a purchase, it's creepy, fun, and will keep you occupied for a while" - Bleeding Dead Film Reviews 3.5 / 5

Hard to solve, "Have you wondered how it would be, if some invisible force would push you into a big house full of mysteries and great dangers?" -- - 6.8 /10

Night Whisper Lane is a BRAND NEW survival horror game that many gamers refer to it as "Resident Evil Meets Final Fantasy"

Night Whisper Lane - Mobile app for iPhone, Nook, Kindle Fire, Android Devices

Night Whisper Lane is the 1st authentic Survival Horror gaming experience specifically designed for Mobile Devices that merges classic Point and Click gameplay with a Turn-Based Battle System to help you fend off whatever evil awaits you in this seemingly endless labyrinth.

You find yourself in presence of an old ominous house without the faintest idea of how you got there, yet you feel drawn to it and are compelled to enter. Immediately you look down to your arm and see. Goosebumps. As you reach to find the door you entered blocked, the shivers spread to every toe and finger tip.

You will need to trust your instincts, wit and memory to uncover the mystery behind the house and its connection to a mystifying femme fatal. Will you survive long enough to escape from the terror on Night Whisper Lane?

WARNING/DANGER: There are many hidden traps and deadly encounters on your journey that can and will kill your character! Be mindful of what you interact with as you look for items to solve puzzles and unlock doors & passages.

Weapons & ammunition are scarce so keep an eye out for them and manage them wisely because fighting empty handed is certain death.

Make sure to restore your character's health by using Bandages and First-Aid kits especially if you have a sneaky suspicion a trap or encounter is lurking around. This concludes the Survival Guide.

- Original Survival Horror Gaming Experience specifically made for Mobile Devices
- Multiple Game Endings
- Point and Click gameplay featuring an engaging Turn-Based Battle System
- Authentic Survival Horror Story, even down to the camp
- Auto Game save feature works in the background
- Boss Rush Mode (Added in Version 2.0.0)

Sassys Easter Adventure - For the IPAD, Kindle Fire, Nook, Nook HD

Easter App for kinds Barnes and Nobel Nook, Nook HD



 Update Posted 2/18/2013 - Added new Game Egg slice, fixed flow of application, added a new games menu.

Follow Sassy and her brother on a riveting adventure to get eggs for Easter. Every page in this children’s adventure is full of hidden animations and fun. It also includes two games (one hidden) and a coloring book for your eggs.

There are just way to many animations to mention in this story book, almost everything you touch comes alive. My favorites are the little teddy bear, train sign, musical pillows, and ( musical growing flowers ). 

 Throughout the game there are plenty items to keep children encouraged and interested. 


Easter games for children, kids, mobile app


Easter App For Childer

It appears that this app is also available for the IPAD in the Apple App Store
Sassy’s Easter Adventure on the App Store
Sassy’s Easter Adventure Web Site



Little Faces of Haloween


 Developers Website -

I think their website says it all, Cute Story and Child friendly games

Little Faces of Halloween Is a cute store with four little characters Persephone, Patrick, Pricilla, Peter and their little dog Jasper, who have fun little time trick or treating during Halloween. There are 3 games to be unlocked ( but first you have to find the secrete place to unlock them ). The entire store has animations everywhere in fact its kind of hard to find something that is not animated in this book. Remember to touch, touch, touch, and touch some more!! Several areas contain random actions giving a different feel to the kids each time.


Minifono Candy Toy Phone

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Child's App, Kids app Phone, Numbers English, Spanish Mobile App

Minifono Candy Toy Phone

 Child's App, Kids app Phone, Numbers English, Spanish Mobile App

This application is recommended for ages 0-4.

Minifono Candy Toy Phone is an application for children aged 0 to 4 years old.
It teaches the numbers in English and Spanish. It also shows the spelling of each number on the screen.
- It has 3 different toy phones, a candy-made-phone, a plastic-toy phone and a more sofisticated one.
- A simple and fun game for younger kids, safe and colorful.
- Learn the numbers in either English or Spanish guranteed!

Learning Gems - Memory Animals

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This wonderful new Learning Gems app takes the classic "memory" game and amps it up a few notches. Filled with tons of cute, colorful animals - it's perfect for keeping young children engaged and entertained while improving their cognitive learning skills. There are three modes of gameplay (easy, medium, and hard), which allow for users of all ages to enjoy a fun challenge. We've taken this app to the next level with our additional gameplay modes! Aside from classic mode, you can play in anti-gravity and shuffle mode! You've never played memory like this! With multiple settings and challenging play modes it's a fun way for adults to exercise their memories too!

-3 play settings (easy, medium, and hard) - controls how many cards you are dealt and the level of challenge you want to play.
-3 play modes (classic, anti-gravity, and shuffle)
-Classic mode - lets you play the traditional "memory" style game. Flip two cards at a time and try to make a match.
-Anti-Gravity mode - we kick things up a notch with this setting. The entire deck of cards shifts throughout the screen as you try to make matches. Keep your memory sharp while keeping track of where cards were located as they shift and fall into gaps.
-Shuffle mode - this mode offers another fun and challenging style. When a match is made cards will shuffle in a burst of movement.
Cards will scatter and shuffle about gradually slowing down until the next match is made! It's a true challenge to keep track of cards you've already turned (and we think that's fun!)
-Multi-Player capabilities!!! Learning Gems Memory - Animals allows up to 4 players to play at one time!
-Challenge your family and friends to a game of memory!
-Audio and Visual animal cues - when each card is flipped, the name of the animal appears at the bottom of the screen, along with an audio clip of that animal's name. This is another great learning reinforcement for kids to help them learn their animals and have fun doing it! If you prefer to play the game with no audio sounds, you can turn off the vocals on the home page.
-Adorable, colorful graphics!! Multiple card backs in lovely colors!
-Great for developing cognitive learning skills in young children and reinforcing them in adults.
-Cute, retro feel makes it fun for adults to play too! It's a great brain builder to exercise your memory!            

Math to the Rescue for Nook, IPAD, And Android Devices

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Math Educitional App for Kids 6+ Kindle and android devices


Children's App, Learn math with an easy and innovative approach

Children's App, Learn math with an easy and innovative approach

An educational game in which kids practice addition and subtraction (and, for more advanced users, multiplication and division) while rescuing people in dire circumstances in five different scenarios.

Fully animated and engaging, the game makes math fun.


The developers description above is so true It's. Its a very cute tool to help kids learn and play at the same time. I really love the animated water / waves. And I love how the characters climb up the ladders. this little app will keep the kids locked in to learning their math!!

Captain Teno - Game, App for Nook, IPAD, IPHONE, Kindle, Android Devices

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Nook, Kindle Fire, and Android devices


games for the Nook, Kindle Fire, and Android devices
Captain Teno is a fun and educational game about a little penguin who loves to fly. Teno gets hold of a jetpack and is on a mission to save endangered animals. In his adventure Teno collects bonus items and saves animals while learning some facts about these animals. Good luck! . Help Captain Teno in his mission to save endangered animals. Avoid the poacher's planes and enemy traps. Stay clear of the dangerous vulture. Beware of the difficulty of flying in thunder storms. Score high to unlock bonus items like super buster and life icon. Score even higher to unlock additional animals. Learn about endangered animals and show your love for them. Post you score on Facebook or Twitter.

Beetle Bounce Kids Game and Apps - by

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 Beetle Bounce Kids Game for the Nook, IPAD, IPHONE, Kindle Fire

This is a Fun Fun little game!

There are 27 levels, complete with rocket bumpers, shooting stars, spiky giants and unlimited power ups.

Beetles love to be bounced! Have fun bumping, thumping and bouncing these little creatures about as you rack up points.

Clear all the beetles and your score will skyrocket. The more you play, the wilder it gets!

It's a casual arcade game that's infinitely playable and totally engrossing.

And did I say it was fun


Beetle Bounce App Game for Kids, kindle, Nook, IOS, IPAD, Kinds Game

Lightning Math - Nook, IPAD and Kinlde Fire - Educational Apps For Kids 6+

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Lightning Math, Educational Apps For Kids 6+

We really like this app, we found it easy to use and challenging, an I think it was much better than my grandmother smacking me with a wooden spoon to get me to learn my numbers.

Official Details:
How many math problems can you answer in 45 seconds? Lightning Math is the fastest math quiz game. It is a great tool for a student who is new to math or someone who is trying to shape up their math skills. It teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and it supports three levels of difficulty for a total of 12 unique game modes. Each gameplay session is recorded and graphed to show progress over time.


-Stormy the Cloud, a fun interactive and an animated character
-Tons of mini-game interaction
-All four areas of arithmetic
-Three levels of difficulty
-Recorded and Graphed game results
-Kid friendly - no advertising or in-app-purchases

Brain Synch - Brain Training App for the Nook, Kindle Fire, and IPhone, IPAD

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This is a very fun little game, and let me tell you something, this thing can challenge anyone. It will keep you on your toes thinking and guessing.

The faster it gets the harder and funner it is ( Official Description is listed below )

Brain Synch is a fun game that challenges you to use both halves of your brain to complete tasks.

Brain synch features four unique games that can be played in two unique modes and a bonus warm-up mode.
Both hemispheres of your brain are tested to match shapes, trace lines and reverse patterns.
Games can be challenges played against the clock, or played slowly in Zen Mode.

Brain Synch records the high scores of each game mode, as well as the scores of recent games for comparison. The games in Brain Synch were styled after real brain therapies that are used to treat a number of conditions, but it can be enjoyed by anyone. All ages and skill levels are considered with Brain Synch, and the style of play can be adjusted for different difficulties.

Memory Birds - by

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Memory Birds is a fun brain exercise. In Memory Birds players are given a sequence of birds to remember and then asked to recall a step in that sequence. As questions are answered the sequence gets longer. Answer all of the questions correctly in a level to receive stars.

Memory Birds boasts 21 levels in 3 unique styles of play and 3 game speeds for a total of 72 unique play modes. It has a fun, jungle style soundtrack featuring bird calls and percussive beats. Memory Birds supports up to 6 back challenges, backwards and forwards recall modes, and dual n-back challenge. Memory birds is kid friendly and contains no ads, no in-app-purchase and no links outside of the game whatsoever.

Playing games like Memory Birds every day has been shown to increase working memory in people of all ages. Memory Birds is an n-back style game, which is being used in some educational settings to improve test scores. Memory Birds is not a treatment for any disease, but it is great for your mind.

Have fun!

Tons of new content!
New Dual N-Back Mode adds 3 new levels!
Variable game speed now available, up to 4x! This increases the level variation to 72 unique play modes!
Kid friendly!
Records section now tracks dates for even better graphing!
New Loading Screen!
Falling feathers can now be interacted with.
Minor bug fixes            

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